Getting Started

  1. Create a Wallet
    If you already have a DOGE wallet please skip this!
    Create a wallet address by visiting
    Dogecoin Wallet Download
    and follow their instructions to set up a wallet.

  2. Input DOGE Public Address
    Copy, paste, and double check your wallet address into the above form. MAKE SURE TO USE THE SAME ADDRESS EVERY MINING SESSION!

  3. Complete the CoinHive Captcha
    Complete the Captcha to keep spammers away and support this site!

  4. Begin Mining!
    Click the button to begin Mining!

Setting up miner from Query
Now you can skip signing in!
You can now enter:
This will start the miner mining to your "walletAddress"!
**Please note you must replace your walletAddress with your actual wallet address!**
Some examples of uses for this could be if you and a group wanted to raise money to a single address, you have an office pool, or you want to get your grandma to mine on her computer for you.

Future Plans

  • Custom Payment Thresholds
  • Javascript Miner for Aeon


Payments will be made at .02 XMR until custom payment thresholds have been set. The server will then send the .02 XMR to ShapeShift and send the correct amount of DOGE to your wallet. This was the best way to create a fair payout, while not making the faucet liable to pay out more than it's generated.